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Parent Helper

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Mothers we understand how difficult it can be for you with a child or children and managing the daily chores of your home. There just seems to be not enough hours in a day to accomplish all your tasks without the help of two extra hands. We are here to help. Our associates are required to have the following to be considered for any position with Muffetta's Domestic Assistants.
  • 2 to 5 years experience
  • Solid professional references
  • Clean background check
  • Valid drivers license and clean driving record 
  • Documented workers

Parents' Assistant
Rates $28-$30/hr. Muffetta's Domestic Assistants Parents' Helper will assist the parent at home with lite housekeeping and daily tasks as requested. As a new mom, working mom, or single mom/dad you may want an extra set of hands to help you care for your children, do laundry and prepare meals for the family. You are in charge of interviewing the candidate to make sure the candidate fits your household needs. Some essential functions of the job:
  • Pick up and drop of children     
  • Cleaning the children's playroom
  • Shopping
  • Care for children as needed
  • Assisting in the preparation of dinner
  • Setting the table for dinner
  • Laundering of children's clothes, organize closet
  • Loading and Unloading the dishwasher
Before School Assistant
This service is designed to help parents who are out the house very early due to a meeting or work schedule and need help getting the children ready for school. We will get them out of bed, prepare breakfast, get them dressed and wait with them at the bus stop.