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House Cleaning Housekeeping Maid Services Westchester and White Plains Review May 31, 2012

Our house cleaning and housekeeping services are highly rated on both Angie's List and Google+ Local.

You deserve a break, let us help you with your Westchester and White Plains Cleaning Service chores!

Description Of Work:
I have been using Muffetta's for a year now.  I use them once a month to clean my house.  They are very punctual and do a very good job.
Member Comments:
I contacted Muffetta about a year ago.  I spoke to Troy the first time I called.  He asked me various questions to get an idea of what I wanted done.  Inga came to see the job  within the week and she came back to do the job shortly after that.  Inga did a wonderful cleaning my entire house form top to bottome.  I hired her for 5 hours.  I have been using Muffetta every since.  My only complaint is that it is difficult to get the same person to clean due to their availability.  I had gotten used to Inga and was never able to use her again because she's never available.  I would recommend muffetta to everyone because they are reliable, punctual, professional, and the workers do a great job.


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