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House Cleaning Housekeeping Maid Services Westchester and White Plains Review June 05, 2012

Our house cleaning and housekeeping services are highly rated on both Angie's List and Google+ Local.

You deserve a break, let us help you with your Westchester and White Plains Cleaning Service chores!

Description Of Work:
Muffetta's has been providing biweekly cleaning of our home for about a year now.

Member Comments:
We have been very pleased with Muffetta's.  We tried out a few of their house cleaners before settling on one who we felt best fit our individual needs.  We have had this same person cleaning our home for about 10 months now and we simply adore her.  I am very particular about maintaining a very clean home and my standards have been met.  In addition to doing a great job with the cleaning, our cleaning person is a very sweet woman who is honest, trustworthy and an all-around wonderful person to be around.  On the corporate end, billing and inquiries are handled promptly and professionally.  In short -- we are very pleased with Muffetta's and would not hesitate to recommend them.


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