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House Cleaning Housekeeping Maid Services Westchester and White Plains Review September 14, 2012

Our house cleaning and housekeeping services are highly rated on both Angie's List and Google+ Local.

You deserve a break, let us help you with your Westchester and White Plains Cleaning Service chores!

Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants House Cleaning and Housekeeping Service was an absolute pleasure to deal with. While it was definitely pricey I can honestly say, you get what you pay for. Janice was always punctual and beyond thorough. She caught every detail that needed tending in our home and then went above and beyond to make it beautiful. She would do the laundry, fold clothes, arrange the pillows and clutter into a result that was calming and lovely. Troy, the manager is also a pleasure to work with. Both professional and kind he was always ready and able to address any issue all the while keeping me informed and sending reminders of upcoming dates or scheduling changes. Highly recommend!


Owner adds:

We really do strive to make Muffetta’s house cleaning & housekeeping service the very best it can be. This client appreciated the FYI emails we send out the day (or more if you like) ahead of the scheduled appointment. Each and every client each and every day gets a reminder email, unless they prefer not to receive it.  This is just one of the many noteworthy extras that we have incorporated into our company to make your house cleaning experience exceptional.

The client always mentioned how punctual Janice is. All of our staff members are required to arrive at all jobs early if possible. And since all staff member confirm their next days’ assignment the previous day, we never have no shows as far as our staff is concerned. (I hear this happens with other cleaning companies all the time).

And as far as being thorough, she says it all. We will attend to every detail of your house cleaning and housekeeping needs so that you won’t have to. We really are the very best at what we do and it shows!!! Give us a call, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!